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For many years now, contributor rates of pay has been a fraught issue at Voiceworks. I don’t actually know how the current system evolved, but for some time now we have paid $100 for fiction and nonfiction, $60 for poetry and $50 for art. This suggests all sorts of troubling assumptions, has spurred heated debate on EdComm and caused many an outraged poetry editor to froth at the mouth.

But now, with thanks to the good people at the Australia Council, starting from our upcoming issue, Missionary, I’m pleased to announce that Voiceworks will be paying all contributors the same rate of $100. Not quite a princely sum, but a step in the right direction no less.

  • http://benjaminsolah.com/blog Benjamin Solah

    Not quite a princely sum? It’s way more than most other magazines are willing to pay. Actually most magazines don’t pay at all.

  • Sophie

    I think that this is a great idea. It reflects the amount of effort and work that goes into polishing a poem and I think that $100 is appealing, (especially compared to many other lit mags that cannot afford to offer any payment at all).

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