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Literary Scratchies

The launch of Virgule has got us totally overexcited and before we come to our senses we are going to give away some prizes! We’re going to pick the five best comments on any post between now and April 8th, and they’ll each win a copy of the upcoming issue of Voiceworks, Missionary.

Knowing our tastes, ‘best’ probably means any of: most insightful, most interesting or funniest. Happy commenting!

  • Sam Cooney

    What a sexy cover. It’s like you’ve combined religion and sexuality issues in one neat symbol. And it glows!

  • Scarlett

    Voiceworks #80’s cover sticks with it, and goes for a glorious eighties glow! Like all those before it, it’s just plain rad. Symmetrical, Suggestive and Superb. Even though it is distinctly lacking in cover-alliteration.

  • RBS

    Mmm… neon.

  • Abi

    The issue’s title alone has got me seriously fascinated! Religion (assuming that it is what this issue is about =P) and defining it’s meaning and relevance in society today always makes for an interesting read. I can’t wait to grab a copy!

  • Chris

    Is it just me or does it look like the Muscles logo? haha

  • Emma Lee Ryan

    Mirror is a tool but does not show you your soul or spirit to be taken or assaulted in visual confrontation. Where there is nothing, there is something. Poka Laenui’s model for decolonisation is Rediscovery and Recovery, Mourning, Dreaming, Commitment, Action. I would be happy to sit with you – I’ll drink a tea, earl grey most likely and you? Green tea or which? There are some industrial printing skips in the next street, lets explore, they usually have large blank stickers.

  • Nikki Druiven

    Dear Dolly Voiceworks,

    I’m telling you now I’ve never won a dang thang! I’ve got a feeling that Missionary would be the most comfortable way to lose this virginity. Please help.

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