Prime Minister’s Literary Awards 1 Comment

The Prime Minister’s Literary Awards are open again, now with two new categories for Young Adult fiction and Children’s fiction. Totally down with them getting some recognition, but still nothing about poetry. Deets.

The winner of each of the four categories gets $100,000. Seriously. No doubt some of them deserve the award and maybe even the money (some don’t deserve either), but hot damn that is a lot of scratch. My head spins at the amount of stuff that could be done with almost half a million dollars invested across lots and lots of projects and writers.

What do we think about all those zeroes?

  • Sophie

    The prize money initially seems encouraging and impressive. Though, I think it would be better to spread the funding further across different fields and forms, such as poetry. For example, this could benefit writers across all ages or genre writers who may not get the attention they deserve from the major competitions. The prize money is impressive but risks coming across as an attractive media ploy rather than a considered and thoughtful use of funds.

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