Satan lurks within every salutation 4 Comments

Satan lurks within every salutation

Heaveno everyone.

Saw this tidbit the other day (via TiiaDodge) and wanted to share it with y’all.

(click to enlarge)

Can anyone think of any other commonly used English words that refer to Lucifer the Dark Lord and Saviour of the Underlings? I will also open this up to words that have swear words hidden inside them, although maybe just list the longer word and let everyone else find the naughty bit inside it.

I am offering a prize for best bad-word-hidden-in-a-normal-word. I haven’t decided exactly what yet, but it will be of the book/chocolate/alcohol/handshake variety.

I will start off with: vaudeville, as well as two rather lame animal-themed answers: shitzu and cockatoo. HAHAHA.

Your turn.

  • Johannes Jakob

    Every song with the word country in it, really. Sex Pistols, Blur, etc.

  • Johannes Jakob

    Professional footballer Danny Shittu has always had a hard time of it. Doesn’t help that he’s not very good.

  • Hackpacker

    I’m more disturbed by Satan having tan in it – what sort of slip, slop, slap message is the the fallen angel sending out?

    There’s a place in Melbourne called Nudel Bar which always made a friend of mine uncomfortable.

    As for Lucifer – lived is an anagram of devil – made even more satanic by the fact that it’s SATANICALLY REVERSED. This word must be stricken from our dictionary.

  • Maddie


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