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So something came up as a sponsored ad on the columns email and for once it wasn’t about shyster agents, self publishing for a squillion dollars, or novel writing software that ‘does all the work for you guaranteed’.

It was actually about the nerdiest/possibly best book site I’ve seen in a while and an opportunity for serious book nerds like us to win some cash and possibly get job.

So this new site called Book Drum aims to ‘enhance’ books by supplementing them with all sorts of information available on the internet. They basically go through a book, bookmark a whole bunch of quotes and random references and then find more information on them, or audio, videos and photos that complement the text ie. a youtube video of kite running in Afghanistan for The Kite Runner, an explanation of Carl Jung’s experiments with alchemy for The Alchemist, or the music Captain Corelli is listening to in Captain Corelli’s Mandolin.

They’re running a competition for people to do the same for their favourite book with first prize of 1000 pounds and a job interview.

  • http://www.samuelcooney.wordpress.com ShamWow the Absorbent

    Top link Liam. I’m still undecided if i’ll have a crack at entering this (it’s a big project, and big projects are scary) but it’s interesting to read about. I wonder if this sorta stuff will catch on with all the e-book hoohaa? Year 12 kids and uni lit students would love it i reckon.

  • http://www.bookdrum.com Webmaster

    And once the competition phase is over, we will be adding a feature whereby it will be easy to add a single bookmark to any book. We hope this will allow more people to contribute who do not have the time or the inclination to take on a whole book. Do just register for updates on our home page if you want to keep in touch.

  • Liam Wood

    Hey look Book Drum noticed us noticing them …Awesome …what was it crosspollination, blog poaching … or maybe just good old fashioned making friends???

  • Tiffany

    My one concern is, how often will Rick Astley come up?
    Think about it.

  • http://www.bookdrum.com Mark Negus

    I was curiously checking our log files and I could see we were getting visitors from this site.

    Funny you should mention the challenges in getting the voiceworks blog going but doing the bookdrum site has been serious work. Not surprisingly I haven’t got as far as I wanted but the competition winners have been announced http://www.bookdrum.com/tournament.html

    Initially we were getting almost no visitors from Australia which surprised me but it is now our 9th most popular country and rising. Go Australia go!

  • http://megasuert.com meg

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