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Voiceworks 79 Classic

Classic 79

Sit back and relax with all the greatest hits of the 80s, 90s and today. Sunburnt sands shift with each step you make: still surfing – now on your feet, now with your thumbs. Salvage an abandoned gramophone, your grade-two teacher’s Handel record tainted by a smudge from the typewriter’s ink ribbon. Pour tea for dead white guys fossilised in sandstone buildings, watching their hand-me-down ideas putrefy. Woolf’s lighthouse is abuzz as Homer and Virgil match wits in a game of backgammon. Dickens and Dickinson play darts while downing a keg of Foster’s. The portrait of a forgotten aristocrat lurks in an unseemly alleyway, free to a good home. Undead garden gnomes go gaga on your aunt’s lawn. Dust off that fifties dress your grandmother used to wear and don it with pride – shoulders back, pearls dangling from your milky-white neck. No amount of methylated spirits can restore the family heirloom’s reflective sheen, but you know its there despite the rust, despite age. Free bifocals with every purchase; Voiceworks is going sepia-toned.

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