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Alright. It’s taken a while but we’re finally up and running. It’s been an ordeal. Over the course of it we cried, we laughed, we lost 10 kg. But now we’re ready to unleash Virgule, the Voiceworks blog, with enough pent up awesome to explode everyone’s face clean off.

The Voiceworks editorial committee loves the magazine, we love working on it, and we’ll continue to grow it for years to come. But we have so much more to give! We spend all our time reading, writing, and thinking and talking about those things, we gotta let it all out. Virgule is our chance to open up those discussions we have in our meeting room, it allows us to engage and interact with the world around us more than four times a year.

Virgule gives us the freedom to do whatever we like: we’re thinking reviews, writing exercises, behind the scenes, inspiration, discussions on anything at all in the literary world, pretty much whatever pops into our little heads. But we also want to talk to you, and we want to hear what you want us to do – with the blog, the magazine, our hair – so please leave some comments and tell us.

From a technical point of view, we think everything’s under control now. Maybe in the future something might end up being a bit sketchy, but we like things a bit sketchy. This is us throwing things onto the internet with the same DIY attitude that founded Voiceworks 21 years ago. Maybe you shouldn’t send writers and editors to do a web designer’s job, but damn it, we’re young, we do what we want, and more often than is probable, good things happen as a result.

  • http://hackpacker.blogspot.com Hackpacker

    It’s a thing of beauty and god bless all who sail in her. Congratulations and hope you can re-gain those kilos.

    This should break you free of the quarterly publishing cycle and unleash even more new writers onto the web.

  • http://www.killyourdarlingsjournal.com/blog Estelle

    That is a GOOD CHOICE OF NAME. (Caps indicate approval.) Shall follow keenly.

  • Riana

    Your meld of imagination is certainly the preview of coming attractions – GO FOR IT GUYS – rocket on !

  • http://flythefalcon.blogspot.com Falcon vs Monkey

    As a former Parisian catwalk model, I too approve of this blog’s name.

  • http://www.expressmedia.org.au/vwblog/ Johannes Jakob

    Thanks friends!

    All credit for the name goes to Ainslee Meredith, who is a good ideas machine at the same time as being a real person.

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