Apostrophe’s 3 Comments


Does anyone still care about this? I mean, in a magazine, it is definitely wrong. But at a country Easter market, man, everyone knows what is meant, it isn’t a big deal at all, is it? If anything, it communicates more than the correct punctuation, because you know never to go to these guys for permanent tattoos.

How do people feel about all the incorrect signage out there?

Also, I can’t decide which would be more bad ass: being called Mr Tattoo or naming your child Temporary.

  • http://theotheradamford.wordpress.com adam ford

    I’m a dyed-in-the-wool apostrophe nazi. smug bastard i am. our local IGA has a sign in one of the aisles that shows where you can find the “razor’s”. I’ve not got around to pointing the error out to the manager, but one day i believe I will.

  • http://trojanhermit.blogspot.com Adolfo Aranjuez

    One step ahead of you, Adam. I once walked past a cafe that had a chalkboard near its doorway, and on it were listed the day’s “Special’s”. I whipped out my trusty thumb and rubbed off the apostrophe.

    Jojo, tolerance is indeed commendable, but only when the situation can be validated on some kind of grounds. (Variation in language use allows for language to evolve, after all.) However, I cannot envisage any instances wherein “tattoo’s” (and its cousins) could be acceptable as a plural form. And I doubt there is, in fact, a person named Tattoo.

  • http://www.lesstalkrecords.com/canoe Daniel Hogan

    I would drive pass “YOUR HERE” daily. The billboard stood on the front lawn of an RSL. I went to Utterly Inebriated inside the RSL one fortunate ANZAC Day before politely asking a staff member where exactly my HERE was. She told me it was on my head. I suggested to her the possibility of wordplay being a team sport. I explained the game could be both homo and hetero-erotic unlike Rugby League which is strictly homo-erotic (depending upon the eyes you watch it with). I got the boot. They took down the sign a month later and replaced it with nothing.

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