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One of my biggest regrets in life is having to move out of a house wherein I had immediate access to the first two seasons of Twin Peaks. I watched about four episodes and got pretty into it, enough to pine for it a little now and again. There is still the illusion of all the craziness in it making sense at some point, although I have been told this is not entirely the case. I think that’s great.

But so, how the hell do people feel about David Lynch?

He’s involved in this Interview Project in some nebulous way, which I guess is just how D-Lynch rolls on everything. The project itself is some sort of American road trip where ‘average’ folks are being interviewed, except of course whoever’s behind it is finding some really interesting average folks, or bringing some really interesting stuff out of average folks. Which is a very impressive skill either way. If you are dying for some character-inspiration there is bound to be something in that trove for you.

He also did/does mysteriously compelling weather reports.

But what about his films? I’m hardly an expert, haven’t seen them all, but they’re wonderfully evocative if nothing else. They’re great proof that shit doesn’t have to make sense if you have enough talent. There’s enough solid ground for you to stand on in order to watch all the crazy, nonsensical stuff spinning all around the place. It all somehow feels relevant and meaty, the stuff beyond your comprehension, although I assume there are some who get pissed off by it.

Murakami has been compared to him, and they both achieve that brilliant trick of making logic and realism feel a bit inadequate. You get the sense that they are not just throwing crazy stuff out there for the hell of it. There’s something about the way they construct and phrase things that makes you trust it all, so you end up feeling okay about not getting it, like maybe not-getting it is the point, like maybe not-getting it is all you can ever do to anything. They strike an immediate contrast between the believable and the incredible, and it feels like they are showing you something that is hovering over our world like some kind of meta-death star and you’re too naive to look up at it charging it’s beam, waiting to destroy us.

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