Famous Literary Characters: Possible Papparazzi Fodder? 3 Comments

Famous Literary Characters: Possible Papparazzi Fodder?

Bailey Kennedy over at FlavorWire has asked the question: how would some of the most famous literary characters fare if they had to exist in today’s real-time pressurised fame container world?

As they say:

“What if your favorite literary characters were subjected to the same level of scrutiny? We have compiled a list of fictional characters that in today’s day and age would be tabloid sensations for their turbulent romances and dramatic downward spirals.”

In doing so, Kennedy also matches some of these characters with a modern day real-life counterpart. For example:

Jay Gatsby and P Diddy

Anna Karenina and Britney Spears


Mr Darcy and George Clooney.

Now, some homework: can you match up a famous character from literature with a ‘star’ of today?

Here’s mine: Dorian Gray and Jude Law. (Click their names to find out why.)

p.s. Check out the rest of FlavorWire’s Books category, as it has some other great stuff, including a DFW special.

  • http://jennasten.wordpress.com/ Jenna

    Emperor Palpatine and Pope Benedict XVI.

    (Technically a literary character I suppose as Star Wars was later made into novels).

    • http://expressmedia.org.au/voiceworks/ sam

      haha, gold. craggy face, flowing robes, evil plans to take over the universe. it’s all there.

    • http://jennasten.wordpress.com/ Jenna

      When he opens his arms to crowds of people it’s not hard to imagine the blue lightning.

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