How much do I love getting mail? 2 Comments

How much do I love getting mail?

A lot.

So that’s why finding was so exciting! The website was started by a Portuguese guy in 2005 because he loved postcards so much. And boy has the site grown since then! Currently, there are approximately 174,336 members around the world, which equates to 204 postcards being sent an hour. To date, 4,120,601 postcards have been sent through the site. FOUR MILLION POSTCARDS PEOPLE! Woah.

The premise of the site is that you sign up and provide a mailing address. Then you register to get an address of someone, somewhere in the world. When you’ve got the address all you have to do is send them a postcard. It costs $1.40 to send a postcard internationally (I know, the Nice Man at the Post Office told me so). You can write whatever you like on the postcard, but you must include a special ID number. When your postcard arrives at it’s destination, the receiver jumps online and registers that they have received it. When this happens, your address is chucked out to someone else around the world for them to send you a postcard. And on and on and on the cycle goes.

Last week, I sent my first postcard to Taiwan. You should have seen how excited I was in the Post Office. The Nice Man there was certainly amused. Since then I have sent postcards to Finland, Russia, Germany and China. Site rules that you can only have 5 cards traveling at a time, so now I am sitting and waiting and checking my mailbox. Frequently.

So go forth! Write a postcard to someone you don’t know! And receive!

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