Please consider the one-fingered typists out there 3 Comments

Please consider the one-fingered typists out there

As a follow up to the Temporary Tatoo’s post, here are some psychologically foolproof coping mechanisms for everyone who is hot for prescriptivist grammar. These include reasons for people writing ‘u’ instead of ‘you,’ and an equally entertaining self-deception technique to use when people write ‘alot’ instead of ‘a lot,’ which frankly I have never seen anywhere, but facts should never stand in the way of good comedy.

I have been told that Voiceworks’ Raf has argued for the abolishment of the apostrophe altogether, because dumbos out there just can’t get it right. Where are the politicians capturing his vote? Why won’t anyone face the big issues?

  • Jodie

    Wow. This guy might have an active imagination but I imagine that superior attitude wins him very few friends. (yeah, that was unfair but this sticklerism strikes me as seriously unlikable)

    I wonder if he also finds it necessary to imagine a creature called ‘don’t’ or any other contraction.

    Apostrophes might be abolished in the future but right now the distinction between em dash, en dash and hyphens seems to be disappearing. I imagine there have been many sub-editors crying lonely tears over that one.

    • Ryan

      You care about en dashes too!? *swoons*

  • Ryan

    That entry is going to make my job a whole lot more fun, but please tell Raf that I would like to have a stern word with him, outside.

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