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Rejection digest will publish your rejected work. The more rejected the better. Check out their submission guidelines:

If you have written something that someone has rejected, we want to read it. Send it to as soon as you can. In order to qualify for submission, we also require a copy of a rejection e-mail of some sort. There is a special rule. If you can provide us FIVE rejection e-mails, we GUARANTEE publication. If you have less than five, we do not guarantee publication.

A celebration of freedom of expression and uncurated work or a wall of shame? Would you have the guts to submit?


  • Hackpacker

    Rejection only makes you stronger – especially where this journal is concerned. I wonder how long they can keep up this policy after being inundated with bush poetry.
    There’s a great Dylan Moran vid about rejection that someone sent me when I wrote a piece about rejection letters.

  • Johannes Jakob

    I really hope there are people out there who are annoying enough to submit the same piece to their journal five times, and, having been rejected each time for not following the rules, aim for guaranteed publication on the sixth attempt.

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