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SWF Program

Sydney friends, the program for your writers’ festival is now online here. I always find those things really impenetrable online, or in a pdf, but I imagine there is some good stuff in there. I have never been to the Sydney Writers’ Festival, but I will say this for it: the director looks badly like a 10 years-older version of Voiceworks‘ own Sam Cooney.

Has anyone been? Any standout events you’ll be attending this year? And, most of all, what is the deal with each event being associated with one or more Sydney landmark? I especially like when one panel is ‘Bridge’, the next is ‘Harbour’, and the one after is ‘Publishing Industry’.

  • http://www.samuelcooney.wordpress.com Sam Cooney

    lucky guy.

  • http://www.avocadoandlemon.wordpress.com Soph

    I’m hoping to get there! But I’m the same with programs. I have enough trouble with a physical copy, let alone trying to sift through something digital.

    Last year a friend of mine and I just turned up and went to all the free events. We missed out on some wonderful paid events, but we also saw things we might not have otherwise. I might end up doing something similar this year.

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  • RBS

    It’s that time of year! I’ll be heading over to the SWF – it looks as though there is a fantastic lineup: Anna Fiinberg reading Tashi in the Blue Mountains (oh, YA Fiction!), and I’d be lining up to attend SR18: Inside the Westside Writers’ Group with Ivor Indyk.

    I have to admit that Chip Rolley’s announcing a somewhat colonial centrepiece for the festival was quite disturbing. Sorry, Chip – did you say you’re importing a man from India who is considered a god-figure? And that he’s going to be making his spiritual costume in front of passers-by for the duration of the festival? Did you mention he’s never traveled beyond his homeland before? What a spectacle you’re staging – let’s get our imperial-on!

    Looks as though this year’s festival is going to be reverti… riveting.*

    *It really does sound like an exciting festival.

    • RBS

      *colonialist… misused, too.

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