‘Voiceworks Live’ roundup 4 Comments

‘Voiceworks Live’ roundup

So on Saturday we staged our ready-set-go ‘Voiceworks Live’ event (we invited y’all last week) and it went off like a volcano in Iceland.

We had a whole range of people reading, from editorial committee members to recent Voiceworks contributors to stranger danger types reading from just-bought secondhand copies of Of Mice and Men. There was some interpretive painting, and some strange looks. In the end the cash prize for best reading was split, with Chris Chinchilla winning, Susie Anderson first runner-up, and Megan Burke third. (Megan has also written about the event on her blog.)

Thanks to The Wheeler Centre and Fed Square for making this event possible, and to Nikita Vanderbyl for her photography. Hopefully we’ll be staging another ‘Voiceworks Live’ event soon, so those of you who now feel as though you’ve missed out big time can appease your yearning souls.

MC Maddie Crofts has the crowd on tenterhooks while Nikita Vanderbyl paints her portrait

First prize winner Chris Chinchilla reads from Voiceworks

what fun…even the wallpaper people are smiling

outgoing editor Bel Monypenny and roustabout edcommer Cathy Tran

live reading from new issue #80 MISSIONARY

third prize winner Megan Burke

new edcommer Amber Beilharz

  • http://bookworm-megs.blogspot.com Megan

    Thanks guys!
    You should do it again soon, I had a great time!

  • http://vehementoolbox.blogspot.com susie

    oh dear I didn’t realise I was caught in the act.
    it was a fun day though =)
    thank you voiceworks!

  • Maddie

    Wonderful pics guys. Specially the wallpaper people. Tops.

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