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Voiceworks Live

Where: The Atrium, Federation Square (the downstairs bit)

When: This Saturday (17 April) 1-2pm.

What: Live readings, painting and prizes

Who: You!

For one hour this Saturday, as part of the annual Fed Square Book Market, Voiceworks magazine is going live. We’re anticipating dramatics and dynamics, the becoming of geniuses, and that lyrical atmosphere that can only come from live readings.

Join the Voiceworks editor, directors, editorial committee and contributors for an hour of live lunacy. We want you to perform that brilliant piece you tore from the pages of your favourite Voiceworks and pinned to your bedpost in an inspired fit of admiration. We’re equally champing at the bit to hear those pieces you’ve written, and stuck beside that dog-eared page of the magazine. Come and read anything, as long as it’s creative and not longer than three minutes. First prize is $75, with runner-up prizes like issues of Voiceworks and The Words We Found.

For those not fond of the stage, the Voiceworks team are setting up a painting station. We’re supplying the paint, paper and brushes, and we’re herding the muses towards the mic, but we need audience members to get their creative on and colour the event. We want you to paint what you hear, or perhaps illustrate the silences. Again, there are prizes for the best visual interpretations.

To spur everyone along, contributors from our most recent edition will be performing their works, and the Voiceworks editorial committee will be right alongside, reading the pieces that most thrilled and inspired them. Pop in and say hi, have a go at winning a prize, and meet the people who make Voiceworks happen.

  • Maddie

    sounds brill. I’ll be there!

  • Riana

    a definite “NOT TO B MISSED” at the top of my list of ‘whats on’ gigs that dont sound nearly as interesting
    …looking at air fare specials as we speak.. OK !!

  • http://www.georgedunford.com Hackpacker

    Wow, that’s some tidy prize money.

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