What the Hell, Scrabble? 3 Comments

What the Hell, Scrabble?

The BBC reports Mattel is changing the rules of Scrabble. You will now be able to use proper nouns. Why would you do this, Mattel? The game was fine without my pre-teen neighbours kicking my ass at it, throwing down something like ‘Beyonce’ or ‘Pikachu’ for massive points.

I hate change so much.

  • Loua

    what what what WHAT! : / We’re just going to have to band together and play it old-style.

  • http://www.samuelcooney.wordpress.com Sam Cooney

    Scrabble is spiking in the news today. This from the back page of The Age today:

    ‘This is no joke. The comedy festival show launched in 2006 as Scrabble Unscripted is now called The Ultimate Board Game Unscripted – that’s because Mattel in California wanted the Doubledog comics to sign over the intellectual property. The comics didn’t find that funny and stopped performing the show. There had been a friendly agreement with Mattel in Australia to use the name, but in 2008 the US bigwigs wanted a formal licence agreement and royalties, negotiating a small amount. Then, at the 11th hour, the request came for the intellectual property but one comedian, in particular, wasn’t amused: Steve Lynch – he’s a lawyer. Now the show goes on without the eight-letter word starting with ”S”.’

    I put it that the Scrabble wing of the evil Mattel Corp is the new Apple or McDonalds – totally hell-bent on world domination.

  • http://www.toothsoup.com phill
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