Emerging Writers Festival Writing Exercises 2 Comments

I’m sure you know that the Emerging Writers Festival is on from now until the end of this weekend, and I’d encourage you to get out and get involved!

One really easy way to get involved is to head over to the Online Program website and try your hand at my Online Creative Writing Bootcamp.

Friday writing exercisers, there won’t be an exercise posted this Friday – so get writing over there instead!

Also catch me running a real-life workshop at the City Library, Seminar Room, tomorrow from 6-7pm. Bring yourself and pen and paper. More info here.

  • http://www.toothsoup.com phill

    Totally jealous of everyone that is at the EWF at the moment. One day I’m going to have to jet myself over there. (:

  • Jodie

    I love how this festival has all these great events online as well. I haven’t really had a chance to participate in them but I hear the twitter discussions went off. And Maddie Crofts is the queen of online writing exercises. It makes it so much less local and niche-y.

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