Surfing the slush pile 0 Comments

I discovered this fun and rather strange little site called PagetoFame via The Intern’s blog (which is a truly fantastic blog, especially for publishing wannabes).

It’s basically a writing competition voted by popular vote. Writers submit a first page of their work which is voted on by readers on a five point scale. The most successful are invited to submit a full chapter. If the chapter is highly rated they submit the first fifty pages. So on it goes until the most popular manuscripts are passed on to agents and potential fame.

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to read blind submissions one after the other like we do at Voiceworks, this comes very close to the experience. Of course we do read the whole submission, but the random nature of whatever could be thrown up in front of you is a lot like our submissions reading. It can be dizzying but surprisingly fun.

Now, if some clever kid could make this as an iPhone application that would be truly fantastic.

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