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Wakefield Press Book Proposals

Once-upon-a-time Voiceworks editor Ryan Paine is soliciting book proposals from young people for Wakefield Press. If that sounds like something interesting to you, check it out.

Ryan also talks about the value of demonstrating some willingness to market your book yourself. He makes the very valid point that marketing, sales and publicity people don’t seem to be too attracted to indie publishers (the reasons for which are another post themselves). So that means a lot of those responsibilities now lie with the author – hence the value of a proposal, how you are presenting everything, not just what’s within the covers of the book.

Even in the indie world, there are some leading lights, some authors that stand out from the crowd. That’s largely down to them being excellent writers, but what I think Ryan is asking for is an acknowledgment and understanding of is the fact that a little bit of it is also to do with the way they interact with the world. At first I felt bad that all the ‘obvious’ people were popping into my head, with regard to this discussion, but then of course that’s the point. The reason I think of Lisa Dempster is her blog, Tom Cho because of his twitter feed, Benjamin Law because he has a freaking personality.

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