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3CR Radiothon

The fine folks at 3CR are doing a radiothon to help them generate donations for their lovely community radio station. If you’re interested,  check out their website, or see below for more information on the station and how to donate.

3CR is Melbourne’s activist radio station.

3CR was started in 1976 by people who believed so much in the value of community radio, they created their own station. It is volunteers’ commitment to that DIY approach which has sustained 3CR’s unique brand of handmade radio over 34 years.

These volunteers broadcast real community voices, not flashy sound-bites or celebrity egos. Diverse programmers come to the station to share their own opinions, life experiences or taste in music. Direct hands-on involvement from the community means that 3CR is anything but mass produced.

3CR needs community support to raise $210,000 this year to stay on air.

Make a tax-deductible donation to 3CR during Radiothon, 7 – 20 June 2010

Pay online at: www.3cr.org.au;

Phone (03) 9419 8377 or;

Mail and cheque or money order to: 3CR, PO Box 1277, Collingwood, VIC, 3066

(make cheques out to Community Radio Federation Ltd.)

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