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Birthmark Competition

VW 81

Please tell us what you can see in the Rorschach tests on the cover of our new issue (click to see it full size). Whoever comes up with the best/funniest one will get sent a free copy of the magazine. Wowzers! That easy.

For example, the second one in the right-hand column, I see the pokemon Haunter.

When commenting, please use your real email address so we can contact you (it won’t be made public). Entries close July 4.

  • Ahhhhhhhhh

    Third line down, second one looks like pikachu hiding behind a rock.

  • Bill B

    First row, third one: A fat seal hugging itself.
    Second row, second one: A mustachioed old woman in a long cardigan.

  • R-Knee

    The left column is an anxious jester in a bow tie.

    For the rest… I can’t believe you put THREE vagina pictures in there. Perverts.

  • phill

    2nd row, 2nd column: samurai panda bowing before he rips your head off.

    3rd row, 2nd column: koala with a malformed twin hanging off the side of its head, holding a paper aeroplane.

    2nd row, 1st column: Fenwick’s mum.

    • Sam

      samurai panda cat. mos def. props. giddy up. ride it, my pony.

    • R-Knee

      3rd Row, 1st column: Same panda from 2,2, giving a double thumbs-up while landing on its butt in a pool of your blood.

  • R-Knee

    Oh, and third down, middle column? View from behind of an elephant on a bicycle.

    • Nikita

      Absolutely! That is great :)

  • Sally

    First column, second one down, is definitely two hippopotamuses on pogo sticks facing away from one another. And I will accept no arguments to the contrary.

    This image proves that it’s very hard to ride a pogo sick when you’re a hippo, because both have flyaway saliva. Also that a pogoing hippo would never want to look at another pogoing hippo.

    • R-Knee

      Don’t be absurd. Hippos don’t have horns; they’re clearly RHINOS on pogo sticks. Just as clearly as the third picture from the top in the third column is of a poodle new-year’s-eve party, at the stroke of midnight.

      • Fenwick

        i am fully seeing the poodle party. weird, coz i had a poodle party this year, trying to rival the Daschund United Nations. i think we won, paws down.

        first column, third one down: totally reliving Simba and Scar facing off on Pride Rock.

        second column, first row: tiny sad man stuck at the bottom. IT’S OKAY LITTLE MAN. WE’LL GET KING ARTHUR TO PULL THE SWORD FROM YOUR HEAD.

        third column, first row: is anyone else hiding behind their chair from the half-man half-crab? looks like he stayed too long in an Animorph, and is now doomed to scuttle sideways on eight tiny man legs. we shall call him ScuttleButt; he will save us.

        and phill, every single one of these Rorschach tests looks like your mum, considering the number of poses i’ve twisted her into. more flexible than a Redskin lolly on a hot day.

      • phill

        Holy shit, poodle party for the win. That blot is going OFF.

  • RBS

    This cover is my art collection from preschool. I made each painting with sand, food dye, cornflour and hot water. I put blobs of paint in the centre of each page, and pressed them together, smoothing the paste to the edges of the folded page. Then my mum helped me peel the pages open. They are all pictures of fish kissing.

  • Kyra

    First Row, Second Column:
    First time I looked, it was bull with big horns with a sad face, probably because his forehead is deformed and the other bulls make fun of him.
    Then I looked again and it was two eskimos with fishing rods, sitting back to back on the head of the sad bull (only now he’s angry, cos they killed him). Only question is, what was a bull doing in the Antarctic?

  • Kaya-Ra

    3rd one on third row looks like the front half of two moose fighting.
    3rd one on first row looks like to panda’s faces with elongated mouths facing away from one another.

  • Johannes Jakob

    Okay, so predictably this was really difficult to choose. So difficult, we decided to declare two winners, or as I like to call them, ‘twinners’ (not really).

    Yeah, we couldn’t go past the drooling hippos on pogo sticks, or the rocking poodle party. So congrats to Sally and R-Knee, I will be in touch. Thank you everyone for making us laugh, a lot, and also for making it impossible for me to ever look at this cover neutrally again.

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