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Book covers travel in time

For a trip down memory lane, or even a trip through time, the Art of Penguin Science Fiction website has an amazing array of book covers from 1935 onwards. It makes me wonder if we should so something similar with the Voiceworks covers. Certainly there is fun to be had marvelling at design changes over time. All that timey wimey designy goodness. Or is that just me?

I don’t think I’m alone in appreciating sci-fi design. In appreciating book design I’m certainly not alone. There are a veritable host of book design focussed blogs out there.

A good one (sadly not continued) is the Book Design Review or The Book Cover Archive.

John Wyndham is an eternal favourite. He wrote speculative fiction, or what he called “logical fantasy”. Trouble with Lichen is a great genre bender too. It reads like a mystery, but includes elements of feminist debate (and set mid 20th century too) as well as the sciencey fictiony timey wimey stuff we know and love. A good all rounder with some killer dialogue.

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