Connecting Voices – Connecting With You? 6 Comments

Connecting Voices – Connecting With You?

Recently I was lucky enough to get a late call up from our fantastic Artistic Director Bel Schenk to take part in Connecting Voices, an Express Media project, masterfully conceived and run by former Exress Media Arts Management intern Sara Daly. The project is designed to train a group of young writers to run creative writing workshops in the community.

I got invited along because a group of us from Ed Comm will be running workshops at the National Young Writers’ Festival during the This is Not Art Festival in Newcastle later this year.  And without our resident Voiceworks workshop guru Maddie Crofts who will be on an overseas adventure there will be some mighty big boots to fill.

Fortunately, although not unexpectedly, the connecting voices event was amazing. Run by performance poet extraordinaire Emilie Zoey Baker and attended by some truly exceptional people (I’m certainly glad I didn’t have to go through the application process) we spent a full day running all sorts of games and writing exercises. From funny sounds and strange words, to intentionally awful poetry – I won’t include my entire heinous love poem here as it is truly vomit inducing but let’s just say it included unbreakable chains forged in the fires of my heart and pinning butterflies of passion to the cork board of my soul. Wow I feel sick just looking over it but in a good way, like after eating too many gummy bears.

Nonetheless there was plenty of great writing going on as every participant ran a pre-planned workshop activity and they really were wonderful. If you want more evidence check out the reflections of another participant Megan Burke.

The good news is there are now a dozen or so trained up workshop leaders looking to go out and run workshops in their community so if you  have a group that could benefit from a few hours of writerly stimulation why don’t you get in touch with us by emailing Bel at and hopefully we can connect up with you …

  • Alex

    It really was an excellent day! If nothing else, meeting such an amazing group of people was worth the trip (I think I travelled the furthest for the day…) It’s always nice to realise the weird way my brain works sometimes is also the way other people think. More than once the phrase “I KNOW!” was uttered with particular enthusiasm. Thanks (again) everyone!

  • phill

    I suppose it’d be wishful thinking to suppose that anyone was trained from W.A.?

    • Liam Wood

      Hey Phill,

      It was open to interstaters and I know there were people from NSW but I’m not sure about W.A. Maybe email Bel and ask?

      • phill

        No probs, if I can scrounge together a group (what sort of sizes do you think would be appropriate?) I’ll get in touch. Cheers! (:

  • Bel Schenk

    Hi Phill,
    There wasn’t anyone from WA in the group, but get in touch anyway, and we’ll see if we can do something across there.

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