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Friday Writing Exercise

For this exercise you need some tear-up-able paper and a pen. Take your paper and tear it into 6 pieces, each big enough to write a couple of words on. Also this random word generator makes this exercise all the more random.

Take three of your pieces of paper and write a noun on each. That could be any kind of noun, concrete noun, abstract noun, common noun. Noun away! So for example, I might write:




Then take your remaining three pieces of paper and write three adjectives. Describing words. For example:




Now put them together so you have three phrases. I got:

Powerful Belonging

Shining Apple

Derogatory Flame

Hmm.. Now choose a phrase and write from it for 10 minutes. Set that timer! See what you get, take it any way it goes. You don’t even have to use that specific phrase if you don’t want to. This exercise can be great for making great connections and images appear.

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