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Friday Writing Exercise

For this exercise you need paper, a pen and a timer. There is one here ( online if you need it. Set the timer to countdown ten minutes.

Now grab the book that is nearest to you. It needs to be a book, not a brochure or a magazine or a paper. A real, honest-to-goodness book. But it doesn’t matter which book.

Open it at page thirty-six and count seven lines down. Write this seventh line down on your piece of paper. Start writing. If you get stuck, rewrite the line from page 36. Write it over and over if you have to until something else comes out of the pen. Trust me, something else will come. Don’t stop writing for the whole ten minutes, don’t reread or edit or censor yourself. Just keep going. Stop at the end of ten minutes and see what you’ve got.

This exercise is good for getting started in a writing session, getting some words down on the page, but with a little help from another writer. It can be hard getting started, getting your writing muscles going. This helps. Do it more than once, using different books and different page and line numbers. Do it with a newspaper or a magazine. Change it up!

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