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One thing we really hate at Voiceworks is when we want to go to a literary event of some sort but, dammit, we don’t know anyone else who’s going to be there. Our unbelievably large friendship group is busy being cooler than us, and we dread standing there alone in the corner or, worse, approaching total strangers for a quick sympathy chat before they move on. So usually we don’t go, or like leave fifteen minutes after arriving because we actually have really important but cool things to be doing, come to think of it.

Knowing this, we’re introducing a brand new thing for our next launch: Friends of Fenwick. The suspiciously elusive Fenwick Abernathy stalks the halls of our office – we’ve never met him but we’re definitely all his friends. And it would be neat if you were too. Basically, if you’re interested in Voiceworks and/or the launch, but it’s kind of awkward because you’ve never been and/or you don’t know anyone there, send me an email at and we’ll sort you out. You’ll get partnered up with a member of the editorial committee to chat to, introduce you to people, that kind of thing.

We’re doing our best to make this whole thing as unintimidating as possible, and make us as accessible as possible. Let us know if you think there are other ways we can do that. We’ll also try to make badges for all of edcomm so that anyone can find us at the launch, but no promises because badge-making machines confuse us.

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  • Alex

    I have to ask (although I’m aware I might not get a straight answer) does this Fenwick person actually exist?

  • Fenwick Abernathy

    Yes – I absolutely do. I’m very difficult to catch sight of, but I’ve used the lift at the Wheeler Centre a few times. Editorial Committee will tell you so.

    • phill

      He also has a pretty sweet hat.

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