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From now on, we’re featuring the work of some of our talented Voiceworks writers. The first in the series is Gabriel Watts’ story of a modern sex experiment, ‘Interfacing,’

You can listen to Gabe reading the story here. He also told us about the 5 things he borrowed from to write the story: part 1, part 2, part 3.

You can read ‘Interfacing,’ in the latest edition of the magazine, Missionary.

  • phill

    Rapidshare wants me to sign up if I want to download more than one thing per 15 minutes from the same IP address. Sure you guys don’t have some spare webspace lying around on your host?

  • Fenwick (for reals)

    phill, are you trying to come onto Virgule? if anyone is going to be lying around in the space of the host, it’s me.

    • phill

      I want you to FTP on me. C:

      • Fenwick (for fakes)


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