Let Me Show You My Magnum Opus, Baby 13 Comments

Let Me Show You My Magnum Opus, Baby

Okay probably there won’t be too many sexy times at this event, but I am nothing if not flexible when it comes to making double entendres. (Double entendres about me being flexible also welcome.)

The Wheeler Centre is hosting a second speed dating night for all you single literary hunks and hotties out there. Bring along your favourite book and maybe you will find someone to help you crease those covers (the book’s).

Just imagine the moment when you see that not only has someone brought the same book as you, but a shiny first edition of the hardcover. Wow! You can sleep with them, and then in the morning run off before they wake up with your guilt and their first edition. Almost everyone wins!

Really, I think this is a neat idea, but please, please, post lots of puns below.

Update: Ladies, unfortunately this event is now booked out for women. Gents, this event is now booked out for women!

  • http://adventures-in-tv-land.blogspot.com/ Alex

    I would post a pun but Iā€™m far too busy in my desperate quest to invent a teleport so I can come.

    • http://fenwickabernathy.wordpress.com/ Fenwick Abernathy

      If you have to invent a teleport to come then you’re doing things all wrong. I get by with common household objects and the odd rigid vegetable.

      • Jodie

        Fenwick, someone should lock you up for such lowbrow humour. I didn’t laugh at all. Not once. This did not make my laugh and laugh. No, it did not.

  • http://www.toothsoup.com phill

    Let’s hope there aren’t too many instances of pride and prejudice getting in the way of hook-ups. šŸ˜

    • http://www.expressmedia.org.au/voiceworks/ Johannes Jakob

      yessss. this is what i am talking about right here.

      • http://www.toothsoup.com phill

        They’re going to party like it’s 1984.

    • http://jennasten.wordpress.com/ Jenna

      That would be a shame. There is no sense and sensibility in harbouring pride and prejudice.


  • http://www.samuelcooney.wordpress.com Sam

    i don’t think i’ll go because in these sort of situations i get nervous and drink too much and then get extremely loud and incredibly close.

    • http://www.expressmedia.org.au/voiceworks/ Johannes Jakob


  • Saba

    You’re quite the perky bookworm, if I may say so myself – especially with your excitement over the rumoured Harry Potter prequel. I agree that although we’ve already enjoyed the series in its completion a little foreplay doesn’t go amiss, even if we already know what’s coming. Or, not coming. Or perhaps is coming. Although, and I don’t critque lightly, you do have the unfortunate tendancy to skip the climax and head straight for a premature resolution. Out of impatience or laziness, I don’t know.

    … no, I’m not renowned for my punning ability. *hides*

  • http://www.toothsoup.com phill

    Actually, you know what’d be awesome at such a night? Literary-themed cocktails. A shot of Dante’s Inferno, anyone? Perhaps some Clockwork Orange and vodka? Maybe some Huckleberry Gin?

  • http://www.lesstalkrecords.com/canoe Daniel Hogan

    A night of brief interviews with hideous men.

  • http://www.expressmedia.org.au/events.php?content_id=580 Bel Schenk

    This is one of those things we didn’t see coming.

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