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Welcome to Hogsmeade

Granted it’s in Florida and Hogwarts is far too close to be geographically correct, but I’m willing to overlook it. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter opened just a few days ago and I am so frigging excited I’m almost willing to use words like ‘magical’ and ‘wondrous’. The idea that it is now possible to walk the streets of somewhere that has for so long only existed in the psyche of children and slightly embarrassed adults is surreal. I devoured the series as a teenager and felt so strongly about it that my little brother was read nothing but Harry Potter at bedtime for years.

What was once only a world on paper is now physically marked on our landscape. I find the social and cultural implications of this fascinating. Will employees of the park meet up in The Three Broomsticks to share a butterbeer after a 9-5 day, dressed in their wizarding uniforms? Will the wizarding world be elevated to that of the North Pole when children receive mail postmarked from Hogsmeade – the world’s only ‘real’ wizarding village? Will lovers of the series meet by chance at the Hog’s Head Inn, get messy on the house brew and later slur at the Gringotts ATM for displaying ‘insufficient galleons’?

I really, really hope so.

  • http://www.expressmedia.org.au/voiceworks/ Johannes Jakob

    some serious Baudrillard, third stage of the sign shit going on here. the ‘fake’ harry potter world exists only to assure us that the ‘real’ world beyond it is not also a harry potter world, even though actually it is? further complicated by a similar fake/real distinction in harry potter itself, between the wizards and the muggles.

    fuck theory, i’m just gonna go ahead and assume this theme park means we are all of us wizards.

    • http://jennasten.wordpress.com/ Jenna

      I’ve actually read some accounts of people saying that real life seems less fulfilling after being there. Maybe Universal Studios will design house themed accommodation so they will never have to leave. And then maybe they will build a school. And turn the Hogwarts Express into a functioning a train line. Wow, I said that as a joke, but somehow now that the park exists I don’t think it’s that far fetched.

      This shit just got real.

    • http://jennasten.wordpress.com/ Jenna Sten

      Also, just to blur the lines of real/not real a little more, if you pay by card for something the name of the store appears in your bank statement http://i47.tinypic.com/117eotl.jpg

  • Saba

    I really want to go and haunt Honeydukes. And Zonko’s. Ahhhhhh, I’m so excited and there’s not even any way that I can ever even visit Hogsmeade in the near future (being poor and also not very world-savvy) – but just the fact that is exists is enough to appease my inner (or not-so-inner) Potter fanatic!

    • http://jennasten.wordpress.com/ Jenna Sten

      It seems like a silly childish thing to get excited over, but so many people have grown up with the series. It blows my mind that it exists on this plane in real a form as possible. I wont be able to go over for at least a few years myself (but I have two friends who are visiting the park in July and have been promised Owl Post. Never have I so looked forward to receiving mail!).

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