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Friday Writing Exercise

This exercise is about something you probably do every day anyway and if you don’t well then it’s time to start! It’s about: eavesdropping! Which is a wonderful word isn’t it? Time to drop some eaves people!

Eavesdropping on other people’s conversations can sometimes help with a piece of writing when you least expect it to, you are walking along thinking about something else then someone says something brilliant and you know how to keep going with that poem or story. But we are going to use eavesdropping consciously, to start to train your brain to be on the lookout for interesting words or phrases.

Your challenge is to start listening to other people’s conversations. Subtly of course. On the tram or the train, in the office, at school – anywhere! You need to find 5 phrases that grab you and write them down. Share them here on the blog! Then take all 5 and try and write them into an imagined conversation.

Remember we’re thinking about the way people actually talk and what makes their dialogue real and fresh and exciting to hear. Go forth and listen!

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