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NYWF volunteers

We really like the National Young Writers’ Festival. We’ll be there because hey, anyone who’s cool will be there, and we are pretty cool. But if you really, really like the festival, maybe you’d like to volunteer and help them out? Lots of cool, different opportunities are up for grabs, and I bet there are lots of perks. Details below the jump.

National Young Writers’ Festival

Volunteer Callout

Here’s the thing – without a team of enthusiastic volunteers to keep everything tight, ridiculously dynamic festivals (i.e. the NYWF) dangle as flaccidly as an old bull’s balls. The National Young Writers Festival thrives on the love, skills and dedication of its volunteers, and this year we have positions available ranging from Tech Assistants to Site Designers. Above all, we yearn for people who are passionate, driven, creative, and who believe wholeheartedly in our incredible event.

Tech Assistant

Our Production Manager, Zoe Norton Lodge, is looking for sidekicks. She’s got the Batcostume, but she needs assistants who are organised, keen and have experience assembling microphones/kissing computers better/making media work etc. You’ll have the opportunity to see a lot of the festival, improve your media skills, and experience how a fast-paced environment challenges your knowledge of all things tech.

Photography and Video Documentation

We need media-savvy volunteers to attend the festival’s panels, workshops and events, catch a few sterling moments, and send them our way at the end of the festival. This is one of our most popular positions, so we ask you hold some experience with taking snaps. BYO camera (preferably digital) and the rest is history.

If you hold a flair for video and/or audio documentation, we’d be thrilled to have you on board to help capture the vivacity of our outlandish events. We do ask you BYO equipment (we provide mini DVD tapes).


Whilst immersing yourself in the festival, take a minute to do a quick head count and jot it down in your trusty notebook. Head-counting is a low-key role that is vital to next year’s planning of events.


Every year TiNA organises transport for airport pick-ups and drop-downs over the duration of the festival. We’re after volunteers with a valid driver’s license and perhaps even a car at their disposal – but one out of two ain’t bad. Being a driver is a great way to chat with our VIP artists.

Site Design

You’re invited to get your creative-on, and assist the festival Directors with shaping venues up prior to the festival’s delivery. Whether you have a vision for a space, hold a knack for aesthetics, or enjoy throwing on overalls and shaking a spray can, there’s a place for you on this team.


We’re not sure what it is you’re going to be doing yet, but we know we’re going to need you to do it. Perfect if you have a few spare hours here and there over the festival and would like to give us a hand. We promise not to demand coffee runs or foot rubs (although elbow rubs are quick, fun, and we can’t press sexual assault charges if you give one to anyone at the festival arbitrarily).

Festival gift bag Coordinators:

The NYWF team are coordinating neat welcome packs for our festival guests. We need you to help us put these together and ensure each guest of the festival is grasping one tightly from the get-go. The great perk is that you’ll be attending the welcome evening for our lovely panellists and performers, so whilst you distribute the bags you’ll be able to strike up a conversation with incredibly creative people.

What’s in it for you:

Other than being privileged enough to partake in emulating an aroused-bull metaphor (which is a pretty neat deal), we provide each volunteer with an outstanding post-festival reference. You leave the festival lugging home barrels of hands-on experience, having made valuable contacts, and met inspirational creatives. Most importantly, you are given an environment where you are able to celebrate the creative community the National Young Writers’ Festival fosters.


Send your expressions of interest and applications to Rosanna Stevens at volunteer.nywf@gmail.com with a subject title of Volunteer 2009. Include a little about yourself, the volunteer position(s) you’re interested in, and what experience or skills you have to contribute to the festival team. If you’ve got a few questions before sending in your application, email Rosanna using the address provided above, or give her a call on 0437571106. Applications close on Friday, September 10th 2010.

  • http://www.littlegirlwithabigpen.wordpress.com Sam van Zweden

    Newcastle… It’s great to see events in places that aren’t Melbourne, but makes going so much less definate!

  • Fenwick

    I’d be a driver, but Sarah Gory hid the keys from me last year after I collected the stunning Josephine Rowe, caught her in a sack made of angora, ‘accidentally’ zoom-zoomed her Terrigal, and tried to woo her with a bunch of seaweed. Perhaps this year I’ll make welcome packs, and slip one of my poems into each canvas bag.

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