NPW2011: archipelago by Brendan McDougall 1 Comment

NPW2011: archipelago by Brendan McDougall

The following poem is from Voiceworks 86 V, which you can pre-order before the release date of September 23 right here.

by Brendan McDougall (17)

One plus one really isn’t a lot. ‘U’ and ‘I’ are both in ‘beautiful’
but then again so is ‘futile.’ Train-tracks lack curvature: I would
much prefer my bicycle, even if the tyres are getting flat. I think
it’s something to do with your mass having an influence over its
own destiny. The further you travel, the more completely you are
disappointed, and the further it is back with a hangover. Every
night I light one of the matches you left at my house and drop it
into a glass of water and try to sleep with my eyes open.


If home is where the heart is, address my letters to the moon.
Whether it is decay or disbelief, the skin around our eye sockets
recedes daily. Don’t be surprised when the meaning of life starts
to rearrange itself – the principle of entropy states that this
universe is designed to decompose. I will never be as close to you
as I was yesterday. A lonely backyard cigarette will not result in
pissing smoke. Paradise is laughing at yourself, by yourself. Take
the knuckle away from your nostril and let yourself sneeze. You
can’t grab onto anything with a closed fist.


People who live in glass houses shouldn’t bury bones in their
basement. You don’t light your room on fire so you can find your
wallet; you do it so you can forget you ever had one. The
skeletons in your closet aren’t covered by home and contents so it
pays to keep them on your person at all times. Life insurance is
proof that being alive is counterintuitive to human flourishing.
Sometimes I wish I could die and be reincarnated as a crematory
urn, and be important to someone without having to be filled
with anything more conspiratorial than dust.

  • susie

    gonna be a sweet issue!!!!! <3

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