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NPW2011: don’t tell me your dreams by Rosa Campbell

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The following poem is from Voiceworks 84 Pulp, which you can buy cheaply here.

don’t tell me your dreams
by Rosa Campbell (24)

but in this one you are hiding

on the edge of Miami in a motel;
Echo Point or
North Palms.

You said I could pick the name.

A smiling dolphin dives into the O –
of Echo
of North –

her luminescence keeps you company
bathes you in neon through lace

curtains, underwear.

Every second second you are purple.

You smog up your room with menthol cigarettes to get rid of the smell
of air freshener
other bodies dirt
sad New Year’s Days.

The dream goes for months.
You swan around in a robe, bare feet on manicured lawn
lazily eating boxed chocolates
reading the first pages of novels before casting them
restlessly aside.

You trail your hands in a pool, slick like glass
you stare at yourself
but don’t look yourself
dustily glamorous
heavy with valium

to get rid of the smell.

You believe your horoscope
cultivate a mid-west accent

don’t tell me your dreams but
in this one
everything means exactly what it is

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