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NPW2011: Wonder White by Adam Carr

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To celebrate Australian Poetry’s National Poetry Week, we’re going to publish a Voiceworks poem every day this week. On Friday we’ll publish a piece from V, our upcoming issue. Exciting!

The following poem is from Voiceworks 82 Hunger, which you can still buy for cheap here.

Wonder White
by Adam Carr (19)

you type the words
‘something good’
into Google Images
and hit enter, just to see
if it’s something you’ve ever seen before
and it is.
you see:
children, coffee cups,
a rainbow, a woman’s nipples,
a corpse floating
face-down in a river
like your happiness.
you can’t deny
these are all very ok things

indeed, but suddenly
a thing catches your eye,
and that thing

is bread.
ordinary bread, not bread
with polymorphic superpowers
(such as the ability to not be bread)
but bread; just bread.
you feel excessive and
materialistic and
guilt-stricken and
you deserve to.
it was there all this time
waiting for you, waiting
for sandwiches
something as good as bread
and you thought ‘bread,
fuck bread. i want women’s nipples!’

but you’ve been lying to yourself
your entire life. you know
you will look back
and warmly remember not
fondling or areola,
but wholemeal
and nutella.

  • susie

    I looooove this poem. Woooooo poetry week 2K11

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