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Voiceworks 86 V

Voiceworks 86 V is almost upon us. It’s really, really good. How’s my marketing? Maybe you should buy it. You should probably buy it. Click on that lovely cover for more info about what’s inside.

We’ll be launching it on Friday September 23 as part of the A Thousand Words Festival. It’s at the Northcote Town Hall, starting at 5pm with speeches and readings at 6pm. We’re delighted to have Lorelei Vashti launching the issue, and Ainslee Meredith and Amber Beilharz reading their work. Once that’s over, or if you can’t get there that early, we’ll be moving to Willow Bar from 6.30pm to continue the festivities. There is a Facebook event here.

If you’re interstate or otherwise unable to make the launch, you can already pre-order the magazine and we’ll ship it to you the same time as we send out our subscribers’ copies. Or, you know, you could just subscribe for the low, low price of $36 for four issues sent straight to you! I did some calculations and maths wanted to tell you about how that’s super cheap.

  • http://futureofjustice.blogspot.com Emma

    Quality marketing :)
    This mag looks AMAZING!!! Now I just have to find the money…
    Please subscribe/follow my website at

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