Shock! Horror! Voiceworks Live! 0 Comments

Shock! Horror! Voiceworks Live!
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Slightly belated heads up, if you didn’t know already: we’re doing another of our fabled Voiceworks Live events this Friday




Former Voiceworks editor Tom Doig is going to perform a reading of his story, Winnie The Pooh as told by Cormac McCarthy, and something equally horrific from the Genre issue that entered the world under his glorious reign

Michael Richardson will read his story from Pulp, re: the mind-rending horror beneath the Galapagos

Duncan Felton will read and/or talk about his piece from Other, where he investigated the paranormal and visited a psychic

I’m going to do a ghost and horror tour of the internet!

There will be probably be one or two other spooky/fun things

 There will be a bar and scary decorations!

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