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From The Desk Of… Emmyrose Hobbs

Hello. I’m Emmyrose Hobbs, Express Media Online Media and Communications Intern. Nice to meet you. I spend some of my week hanging out in Express Media HQ coming up with ways to interact with and let you guys know about our lit journal Voiceworks and other bits and bobs that Express Media do.

I’ve been hanging out in the Wheeler Centre since the start of the year  because I was lucky enough to intern at The Emerging Writers’ Festival. When my stint there finished, I skipped (literally) to the office next door. That’s how excited I was to start interning with the Express Media gang. The excitement is still here.

I get to do some amazing stuff by interning here. Last month, I taught some savvy little children how to blog and write art reviews for the organisation Artplay. Not a bad way to spend a few Saturdays off work I thought to myself.

When I’m not in the office, I sometimes serve our lovely Program Manager, Lefa Singleton-Norton in the cafe I work in part time. Also not a bad way to spend my time when I’m not at uni or interning here at Express.

Lately I have had the pleasure of meeting some of the other new interns, hopefully you will sometime soon too. We are busy bees in the office here, getting organised for our end of year Express Media Awards Extravaganza.

I hope you come say ‘hi’ at the Awards night.

Until then, see you all on twitter!

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