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Q&A with Alice Grundy
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com”>Seizure launched its second edition — themed Sci-Fi — in conjunction with the Speculative Fiction Festival at the NSW Writers’ Centre

Best of all, Editor-in-Chief Alice Grundy is Voiceworks contributor alumni

We nabbed her on the day after the launch, and sat down to talk words — in all capacities — for a few moments

Aside from being only just too old to contribute to Voiceworks anymore, and being E in C for Seizure, Alice works by day as a Project Editor for a trade publisher

She has a BA Hons from  the University of Sydney and a Graduate Certificate in Editing and Publishing from UTS where she was an editor on the 2010 Anthology

Writing: necessity or luxury?

Necessity for me at least

At school it was my coping mechanism and perhaps, as something of a hangover, I can’t seem to stop myself from scribbling away

You work mainly as an Editor, so editing: how necessary?

It depends

Is the writing for public consumption? If so, it’s crucial

An editor is the person who helps a writer translate their vision into a language that any reader can understand

A good editor should convert your piece into its best version

Another editorly one for you: when reading submissions, is there something in particular you look for and/or love to find in a piece?

Originality is key

What excites me most is coming across an idea or a perspective that’s new

My second favourite thing is a sense of humour

Comedy is seriously tough but so darn rewarding


com/watch?v=pt53Ises8QM”>Veronica from the ’80s teen classic Heathers

She’s sarcastic, constantly chronicling the follies of her peers and trapped in a web of what she thought was her own cleverness


Who would be your pop-cult nemesis, and why?

You could pick a blond from any teen movie and that would work

What is the best book anyone has ever recommended to you, who recommended it, and why are you so fond of it?

I was talking to a tutor at uni about loving Iris Murdoch, in part because I identified so closely with the characters

She pushed me to read Bend, Sinister by Vladimir Nabokov because part of the pleasure is precisely in disliking the characters

Nabokov is now one of my favourite writers and was the subject of my honours thesis

And he does exactly the two things I mentioned before – makes me think differently by presenting novel ideas and makes me laugh

What are you currently reading?

Currently reading Grapes of Wrath

I’m having something of a Steinbeck resurgence

I’ve also recently finished Animal People by Charlotte Wood

I enjoy skipping between writing like Wood’s which is so close to my day-to-day experience and Steinbeck’s — a world so far removed



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  • http://www.toothsoup.com phill

    Great interview! Seizure are a fantastically froody bunch, very muchly looking forward to getting my hands on a copy of Sci-fi! Also definitely digging the enjoyment of comedic writing, needs to be a wee tad more in Aussie lit journals methinks! 😀

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