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“Just Who Do You Think You Are”

During 2011, six diverse schools began working together on a very exciting year 10 student writing project

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Collaborating online, the teacher-librarians, English teachers and students shared their personal writing and gained a broad understanding of the diversity of culture and experience across Victoria

Over the coming weeks, we will be publishing some of the stories from the project here on the Virgule blog


By Jake Glanc

From: Bialik College

I want to change the world but instead

I sleep

I want to feed the poor but instead

I eat

And all I can do is keep breathing

I want to decide my life but instead

I play

I want to make my future better than it is today

And all I can do is keep breathing

People outside are dying

I close my blinds

Left or right

I really don’t mind

And all I can do is keep breathing

When a storm is coming

I close my eyes

And when I don’t understand

I happen to lie

And all I can do is keep breathing

I can try to be the difference

That I want to see

And I want to believe in more

Than you and me

All that I know is I’m breathing

My fire’s about to lose its flame

Ill pass on by

And when someone needs my help

All I can do is try

All that I know is I’m breathing

The world is screaming my name

I block my ears

If my life is a winding road

I refuse to steer

All that I know is I’m breathing

Maybe one day I’ll appreciate

Or maybe I won’t

Maybe one day you help me

Or maybe you don’t

All we can do is keep breathing

And take one step at a time

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