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Who Do You Think You Are Post 4

“Just Who Do You Think You Are”

During 2011, six diverse schools began working together on a very exciting year 10 student writing project. Collaborating online, the teacher-librarians, English teachers and students shared their personal writing and gained a broad understanding of the diversity of culture and experience across Victoria.


By Josh Hanegbi

From: Bialik College

I pace up and down an empty hall, doors on both sides. Each door looks the same but I know that only one will take me forward.

My sharp footsteps slowly turn into the crunch of sand under my feet. The waves breaking on the shore fill the air, timeless and endless.

I can see a boat bob up and down smoothly on the horizon. Waves chase it, voices carrying in the air behind it. A man, a woman and small boy sit on its deck, sun warming their faces. Matching gold rings are on the couple’s hands, the boy has his mother’s eyes. It is his 12th birthday and they are sailing out to the open water for a special family lunch, just the three of them. The two of them are the most important things in the man’s life, nothing could replace this moment for him.

I am in a room with floor and ceiling that are identical, infinite twisting black lines on a bright white background.

I can see a man screaming. Nothing else matters to him, he must scream, for if he does not then they will think he is crazy.

A long room surrounds me, a huge raised platform in the middle.

I can see a man walking across it, a thousand camera flashes illuminating his perfect features. His shoulders, arms, legs and stomach; all are the product of dedication to self. Each of his features is more defined and perfect than they have ever been; except for the brilliant blue, hidden behind squinting lashes.

I walk towards a man in a suit, sitting on a small black leather stool.

I can see the calluses on his fingers as he plays, alone with just his music. Fingers flying over a grand piano standing on a dark stained wooden floor, black shiny body polished perfectly, gleaming in the soft light. Superbly structured, excellently executed, the music seems to come naturally to him. Years of hard work, of repeated scales and technical exercises have finally paid off. He is The Pianist, and when he plays nothing else exists. The piano is no longer just wood, ivory and metal; it is an extension of him.

As I step away, the music ceases. I am walking across a marble hall, a butler clad in suit and jacket leads me towards grand mahogany doors.

I can see the watch on his wrist, heavy platinum wristband glinting, hands moving silently. The bulge in a breast pocket hiding a set of keys to the car he has someone drive for him. Everyone always knew he would be the best, they had told him so since he was a kid. He had known it, and now he had become it.

I walk around and see all of these people. And I am completely alone.

I turn and look back down the hall at the doors, and I begin to pace.

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