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Voiceworks #88 ‘Translate LAUNCH

Join us for the Melbourne launch of Voiceworks #88 ‘Translate! It’ll be great party times for readers, writers and editors involved with Voiceworks. And you can get a copy of the magazine before anyone else!

It’s also going to be the last issue edited by Johannes Jakob, so this is his goodbye party too. He’d really, really like you to be there. Also, say hello to the new editor!

The launch will be held Thursday March 29 from 6pm at Bella Union Bar at Trades Hall, 54 Victoria Street  Carlton VIC 3053. You can join the Facebook event here.

Voiceworks #88 ‘Translate’ is like a phrasebook that helps you negotiate our own culture. It’s full of the very best writing by young Australians so that you can convert your literacy into insight and enjoyment.

This issue features Jennifer Peterson-Ward on Tyler the Creator’s plan to scare old white people in middle America. Scott Ford explains what it’s like having a Bitchface. Cherie Lee spends some time with expats in China and after three years of living in Pakistan, Maryam Tayyaba still can’t escape her hybrid self. Naomi Riddle can’t help but find something of herself in Marie Calloway, the author of the controversial ‘Adrien Brody’.

Jack Vening’s piece transits from Bejing International Airport all the way to impersonating a German diabetic in a Berlin telecommunications merger. Daniel Graham’s story deals with the pre-eminent Sydney-based Electric Six tribute band. Oliver Mol’s protagonist would get an offensive tattoo to score the girl with the Holden ute from Armidale. In Raeden Richardson’s story divine graffiti appears in a dustbowl. Amy May Nunn’s poem calls long distance, and however cold the mountain is in Elisabeth Murray’s poem, you will go there.

Will Heyward interviews Chris Andrews, the translator of Roberto Bolaño and Cesar Aira. Dave Drayton translates a Robert Frost poem through six different languages in Google Translate, then back to English. There’s visual art from Mitchell Brannan, Nicole Thomson and David Brun. Plus even more very dope writing from Daniel Hogan, Kim Haworth, Sophia Edwards, Amelia Dale, Eva Bujalka, Alison Gibson, Adolfo Aranjuez, Tayne Ephraim, Jaime Garcia, Bronte Coates and Nick Fogarty.

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