Voiceworks #89 ‘Space’ Launches 2 Comments

Voiceworks #89 ‘Space’ Launches

Voiceworks #89 ‘Space’ will be launching around the country from late June as part of National Young Writers’ Month.

Joining the Melbourne launch on Friday June 29 from 6pm at FAD Gallery will be launches in:

Sydney, Wednedsay June 27 from 6.30pm at Mr Fox
Perth, Sunday June 24 from 7pm at Paper Mountain
Adelaide (all ages), Friday June 29 from 6pm at SA Writers’ Centre
Canberra, Tuesday June 26 from 6pm at Smith’s Alternative Bookshop
Brisbane, Thursday July 26 at Avid Reader

With Launceston details for a July launch to be announced soon. Voiceworks Editor Kat Muscat will also be running information sessions in Sydney and Perth before the launches in these cities.

Click on the cities above to find the Facebook event for the launch nearest you.

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