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Voiceworks #89 ‘Space’ Brisbane Launch

Voiceworks #89 ‘Space’ launches in Brisbane this Thursday July 26 at Avid Reader from 6pm!

This will be an opportunity for young Queensland writers of all ages to come and mingle, share thoughts, ideas and opportunities and, of course, pick up a copy of the latest Voiceworks.

The Brisbane launch features three stellar young writers in conversation and reading their work: Michelle Law, Jack Vening, and Alberto Vasquez Sanchez.

Michelle Law is a screenwriter, memoirist, and columnist. She’s been published in Growing Up Asian in Australia, The Lifted Brow, Stilts journal, and Women of Letters. She also maintains the blog, Single Asian Female.

Jack Vening works as a bookseller at Avid Reader. In 2010 he won the Queensland University of Technology Undergraduate Writing Prize for his short story, ‘Legs’. Jack has read at salon events and fringe festivals, and has been published in Voiceworks, Rex and Tom Magazine.

Alberto Vasquez Sanchez is a writer and qualified high school teacher. He has been published in Rex, Scene Magazine, Rave Magazine, Voiceworks, and occasionally contributes to http://run-dont-walk.com/. He attempts novels and hopes to publish one soon.

Check out the Facebook event page to find out more.

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