Spinal Poetics

I acknowledge that this subject may be pretty naff (see also: wanky) but the other part of my brain thinks it’s pretty damn cool because it opens poetry up to a wider audience. Just about anyone who can read or anyone who can arrange things can put books on top of one another. If you haven’t yet pinged onto what this post is getting at, this trend is known as BOOK SPINE POETRY.

So, before I show you what I came up with, let me give you a little background info on my bookshelf. Our bookshelf is ceiling to floor. When I moved in, the bookshelf suddenly went from being a sparsely decorated warehouse to a room with a view. So, it’s immensely interesting because there are so many different subjects on the shelves, but they make for great creative exploration. My dad is a keen chemist, loves psychology, the body, mind, mathematics, computers and literary faces like Roald Dahl, Oscar Wilde and Anaïs Nin. All that plus the post childhood obsession with  fairytales and mythology, anthologies and the other literary loves that I’ve amassed over the years. What I like so much about stuffing around with book titles is that it gives you a pebble and asks you to make a poem. These spinal fragments make way for exploration and expansion. These spinal poetics stand as individual poems:

the whale / beyond orgasm / extend / breath / the boat / built to last / longitude / the loop / the last great day

the human mind / the prophet / the hero with a thousand faces / the chemistry of life / the secret garden / residence on earth

three women / the pleasure of my company / great expectations / enough to make a cat laugh

house rules / some girls / where spirits dwell

Now, its your turn to outdo my spinal poetics (which won’t be hard). Post your link to your picture, have fun & I hope that some poetry comes out of this, or even fiction. Get to stacking!

  • http://vehementoolbox.blogspot.com susie

    I love it!

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