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Words from across the Globe

At EdComm we love words (it’d be mighty strange if we didn’t).

A particularly interesting topic is words from different languages that have no English equivalent. The Dutch call this untranslatability ‘gezelligheid’ – which, ironically, does not have a sister word in English. Here’s a few interesting words to begin with:

Bakku-shan – A Japanese word meaning ‘a woman who seems pretty from behind but not from the front’.

Scheissenbedauern – A German word meaning ‘the disappointment one feels when something turns out not nearly as badly as one had hoped’.

Termangu-mangu – An Indonesian word meaning ‘feeling sad and not knowing what to do’.

Honuhonu – A Hawaiian word meaning ‘to swim by using only one’s hands’.

Tunuallack – An Inuit word meaning ‘to slip and fall on one’s back whilst walking’.

Sisu – A Finnish word meaning ‘resilience, courage, toughness and perseverance of the spirit’.

Tingo – A word from Easter Island meaning ‘to take all of the objects one desires from the house of a friend by borrowing them, one at a time’.

Do you know any interesting words from foreign languages?

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