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Writing Exercise: Ideas

The best thing about writing exercises is that they help you get something on a page. It doesn’t have to be polished or reworked or perfect – it just has to be made into existence so that your writing muscles don’t waste away.

Having said that, let’s kick off with one of my old favourites that often leads to something more. It’s an exercise in freewriting that helps you to come up with ideas and to continuously write without restraint. It’s also going to be loosely based around the next Voiceworks theme ‘=’.

Grab a timer and set it for ten minutes (or look at a clock or use this one here). The idea is to write continuously for the next ten minutes starting off with the phrase ‘One plus one equals…’ If you get stuck, just keep repeating the phrase ‘One plus one equals one plus one equals one plus one equals’  until something else emerges – don’t let your hand stop! Don’t pause, don’t edit, just keep writing.

The great thing about this exercise is that it’s really easy to play around with and/or do while you’re on the go. Almost any phrase works as a good stimulus (ones we’ve used in the past are  ‘I remember’, ‘I’ve forgotten’, and ‘Last night’.) The most important thing to remember is to not stop writing until the time is up.


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