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Friday Writing Exercise

Often when I write, I forget that the reader might not be where I am. In my head, I know what everything looks like, if my characters are in an open field, in the middle of the city or in a room with a single door. These places are there – crystal clear – but not on the page. One of my favourite writing exercises is one to do with setting because it reminds me that these things are important.

For this exercise, it’s best to be somewhere that is not your home. If you are at home, imagine you are somewhere else – but somewhere you know reasonably well, a place that you can travel to from home.

Now describe to someone else how you would get home. Give them basic directions but also feel free to embellish certain points of interest. Pay attention to the buildings, the streets, the corners, the mailboxes. Think about what season it is, what the plants look like, how populated the streets or forms of transport are and who might be around. You can do this in step-by-step format or as one free-flowing paragraph; it doesn’t really matter as long as you think any reasonable person would be able to follow.

Have fun and be sure to get your hands on our latest issue, Copy/Paste.

  • Katie

    Hey there,

    So, I don’t want to post my attempt at this particular exercise up but wanted to let you know that I was happy to see the return of the Friday writing exercise and hope you’ll keep them coming.

  • Broede

    Hey Katie,

    No worries! We hope so too.

  • amy

    hi, I am going out to do this right now! I’m a 22-year-old Canadian for Ontario and this gives me a reason to leave the house. please keep em coming

  • amy

    ‘for’ oh lord i hope my exercise has fewer typos

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