Morning After Letter to Lip Magazine 1 Comment

Morning After Letter to Lip Magazine

Dear Lip,

Just so you know your bed was really, really comfortable.

Also, if you wake up and find a bruise on your left thigh it’s not because of anything we did last night (check the other thigh). It’s because you sleep walk. At around 4.35am you stumbled out of bed and walked straight into your closed door. I tried to stop you—honest. But you were mumbling something about the aporia inherent in imperialist philosophy and how hot Germaine Greer is these days, so I could do nothing but listen in awe. Sorry about that.

I may have also checked your Google history and was happy to see that you had stalked my Facebook, Twitter and Neopets profiles. I must admit that I had done the same before the launch—last night was meant to be. I’m not quite looking for a relationship right now, but I’d love to be friends with such an intelligent ladybro. Intelligent feminists are hawt.

I really hope to see you again. You can find me loitering around the Wheeler Centre, or sipping coffee like a pro downstairs at The Moat.

Good luck with the recovery,


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