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Review: antiTHESIS 22

antiTHESIS is a literary journal edited and published by Melbourne University graduate students. Its pages are filled with scholarly essays, fiction and artwork. Its latest issue is themed ‘hoax’ and was launched a little while back at Brunswick Bound.

A favourite essay of mine by Martin Hirst and Kathryn Keeble analyses the Andrew Bolt case. Another paper of note is by Stuart Richards, which deconstructs the San Francisco Frameline International LGBT Film Festival.

The journal is also home to poetry which allows for some fresh air between longer pieces. My favourite lines include ‘a string of ocean calms / through his apple skin’ (‘Demystifying Man’ by Brandon Pettit) and ‘he has given you / the weightlessness of this second spine’ (‘Ghost Armour’ by Amber Beilharz).

All this makes for a journal that is intelligent and well-designed (the cover image by Jessica Stewart is particularly beautiful).

You can order your copy of antiTHESIS, or find information on how to submit, here:

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